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Fit For The Future

finlay@heartspacedundee.co.uk finlay@heartspacedundee.co.uk  •  2022-11-14  •  Dundee Climate Fund  • 


Investment project code: 6

Significant energy efficiency measures in Dundee community space. Improving the efficiency of an 1888 building through insulation (both attic and underfloor), secondary glazing upgrading, installation of destratification fans (to better direct the heat towards the colder floor level from a 7m height) , solar PV panels and heat distribution measures to reduce carbon emissions by 34% and reduce heating output by 25-30%. The benefits of each have been detailed in an audit for the building. Our peak usage is also in the evening, when most of our classes take place. Battery power will allow us to generate and store during quieter daytime sessions to then allow for storage and use in the evening. Insulation will have a direct effect on the cold pool we have in the centre of our main practice space. Radiator heat goes straight up into our 7m vaulted space. With both insulation and 6 destratification fans, we could move an even heat to the lower levels as seen in the Dundee Rep. With soaring energy costs, we would be better able to direct resources towards maintaining our rich family and outreach programme providing a warm, welcoming and comfortable space.

With soaring energy costs, and reduced household income, and the organisation's core funds coming from community classes, we cannot put up class prices without increasing the pressure on our clients. With outreach classes 6 days a week, our free programmes also feel the effects of comfort and well-being in our space. Sharing our message about energy would also be a large part of our comms for the duration and after the project, as the most significant project we have taken on since our inception.

Proposed on behalf of: Heart Space Yoga & Bodyworks

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  • janer305@gmail.com

    Heart Space did an amazing job keeping our spirits up during lockdown. It's a fantastic community asset and deserves all of our support. Thank you.

  • v2thej@hotmail.com

    Heart Space allowed me to be part of a 'new mum' community, based around Baby Yoga and Barre Classes. I learnt so much from baby yoga, my Toddler is a very calm, rationale and perspective little girl, and I like to think that classes like this initiated a calm environment for her to grow up. Also having classes where your baby can be right beside you or with WHEN YOU ARE EXERCISING is so important for children, watching their parents exercise on a consistent basis teaches good habits in the family and give the mother a head start in getting active again after pregnancy. Classes that can accomodate this are rare in Dundee, gyms may have creche's but not exercise classes that you can do with them, of all the classes we did during maternity, I enjoyed these the most because we BOTH got something from it, rather than mum going taking time out from important sleep time to get a gym session in at 5am or 9pm, sometimes it's just not a priority- these classes make that more feasible

  • info@travelmontana.co.uk

    A fantastic place I have been using for 8 years now & tell everyone about as every class is different even with the same teacher,never boring as some people seem to think Yoga is! They need to try it :) Have also used the Free Childrens classes for my grandchildren.Times & Prices to suit everyone & free classes as well.It`s a special place I hope to use for a long time so they deserve this support!!

  • alanlambie@me.com

    There are spaces that provide yoga but Heart Space is a special studio. The sense of community that was created prior to me joining the charity was very strong. The fact we can encourage pre and post natal to kids and teens to join us free of charge makes this one of a kind in Scotland. These improvements are needed not only to allow us to surf this challenging economic time, but also to make our studio environmentally as sound as it can be. Definitely looking to be fit for future so we can continue to provide these amazing sessions.

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    • mat@penandcamera.com

      Heart Space is a wonderful asset to the community. During lockdown it was a lifeline for not just remaining fit but accessing a community and helping keep everyone sane as well as working out. It is wonderful now to be back in the space, not least to stay fit (and to be gently driven by others with that shared goal, and via specific classes scheduled throughout the week) but also to interact with others in a bright and inclusive space.

    • elainesmall1960@icloud.com

      Heart space chose to establish their yoga studio in what would’ve possibly been an empty and vandalised building. The building itself provides a safe, peaceful and spiritual place for those who visit. Heart space has proven its capacity to provide inclusive services for citizens of dundee with classes provided free of charge. I can’t think of another place I’d rather do yoga. I hope that heartspace are successful in this bid, to enable them to achieve the improvements needed to sustain and develop a beautiful space

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      • pa.maxwell@hotmail.co.uk

        Heart Space is a unique yoga studio making an incredible difference to so many people’s lifes. As a charity it provides many free classes: prenatal , postnatal , kids to teens and chair yoga. It is a welcoming all inclusive and non judgemental safe space. In order to support the studio to continue this work for future generations it needs funding to improve the building infrastructure to continue to make this a warm, comfortable, safe space for future generations.

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        • ma4k.mitchell@gmail.com

          Heartspace is a wonderful asset for the local community, providing a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for all. An incredibly valuable resource for the whole community during covid lockdown and beyond, helping to improve our wellbeing and fitness !!!!
          It is my place to go to in Dundee day or evening to practise yoga and relax.

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          • xtmiller@gmail.com

            Heart Space is such a unique and sensitively-crafted space. I moved to Dundee in 2020 at a time when it was hard to meet and integrate into a community, and now the HS building feels like a second home. We have to do all we can to protect these organisations from cost pressures that couldn’t have been predicted, and we need to nurture organisations like this that have giving back at their heart. Dundee would be poorer without Heart Space and particularly without its free community offering.

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            • SevereSpinach

              I joined many classes during lockdown. Helped me feel at ease. Thank you.

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