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Energy Advice for Stobswell

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People sitting around a table looking at items for energy saving
People sitting around a table looking at items for energy saving

Investment project code: 3

A partnership between Hillcrest Homes (who have a multi award winning energy advice team - HEAT) and the Stobswell Forum to deliver tailored energy advice and support to all residents (of any tenure) in Stobswell.

Advice and support to individuals on all aspects of energy saving and efficiency.

The project will purchase a thermal imaging camera and will be out in the community actively looking for properties where there is heat loss to see where improvements can be made for residents.

Liaison advice and support to landlords on energy efficiency measures that will improve the energy efficiency of their properties therefore benefitting the tenant.

Upskilling of local community groups and volunteers to spot and signpost residents for support.

Raising awareness of climate change and energy efficiency with young people through schools and other youth services.

Professor Fionn Stevenson is a recently retired world renown expert on housing performance evaluation who wishes to give back to the city she studied and lives in as a volunteer. She is a member of the Stobswell Forum community and has carried out numerous projects like this in the UK and abroad as an academic researcher while at the Universities of Dundee, Oxford Brookes and Sheffield from 2000-2022. She has particular skills in facilitating community engagement with housing performance evaluation, and has worked in the past with Scottish Homes, various local authorities, housing associations and national private housing developers such as Stewart Milne and Barratt Homes. Fionn will contribute her time on a voluntary basis to support some of the activities detailed in the original bid, there is no requirement for additional funding for this specialist expertise.




Location: Based in the Stobswell Making Connection Hub

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  • Moderator #1  •  2022-11-18 12:52:03

    Please note that supplementary information has been provided for this application. This includes the involvement of Professor Fionn Stevenson in voluntarily supporting activities as part of the bid, and seeking to purchase a FLIR E5 Thermal Imaging Camera and associated training costs for the Energy Advisor to be able to use it, both indoors and out.

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