Community Regeneration Forums

CRF LogoCommunity Regeneration Forums were first established in September 2004 to respond to theScottish Government's Closing the Gap agenda. 

Community Regeneration Forums are in place in six of Dundee’s eight Wards; Coldside, East End, Lochee, Maryfield, North East and Strathmartine and are made up of local people, elected from the ward in which they live, with a key role in allocating funding within that area.

The role of the Community Regeneration Forums has been widely recognised as central to regeneration efforts across the City.

Funding is directed towards three priority areas: physical improvements, youth inclusion activity and small grants to local groups.

  • The Physical & Environmental Improvement Fund is to provide financial assistance for community initiatives aimed at improving the local area through Capital expenditure. Capital expenditure is something of a physical nature including the acquisition, improvement or structural enhancement of an asset valued at £6,000 or more.
  • The Youth Inclusion Fund is to provide financial assistance for community initiatives aimed at working with Children and Young People. Applications should be for an activity (or activities) focused on including children & young people in activities, diverting young people from an existing undesirable activity or preventing them joining in with such activity.  This should reflect a need that children and young people have been consulted on.
  • The Small Grants Fund is for other applications that contribute towards achievement of the Dundee City Plan / Local Community Plan, usually up to £5,000, but there may be lower local restrictions on the amount.  Therefore, it is important to check with the relevant Community Worker as listed on page 8 for any local restrictions or other requirements.

Please visit our CRF page where you can access information about current applications for funding and to share your views on them.